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  2. Cookie Dough must be ordered in whole cases—tally each flavor of cookie dough, divide by 6 and round up to calculate the number of whole cases to order. Cases of mixed flavors are not available.
  3. Allow 2 weeks for delivery—shipments are scheduled to arrive within this time frame.
  4. Payment is due to us when cookie dough is picked up or prior to delivery. We will call you with your order total.
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Frozen Cookie Dough Premium Flavors
2.75 lb. tub—6 tubs in a case

Chocolate Chip Pecan

Number of Cases:

White Chocolate Macadamia

Number of Cases:

Heath Bar
Number of Cases:

Frozen Cookie Dough Regular Flavors
3 lb. tub—6 tubs in a case

Chocolate Chunk

Number of Cases:

Triple Chocolate

Number of Cases:

M & M

Number of Cases:

Oatmeal Raisin

Number of Cases:

Peanut Butter

Number of Cases:

Butter Sugar

Number of Cases:

Pies & CobblersHighly Scented Candles
Pecan Number of Pies:
Blackberry Cobbler Number of Pies:
Reece's Peanut Butter Pie Number of Pies:
Apple Number of Pies:
Chocolate Cream Number of Pies:
Coconut Cream Number of Pies:
Chocolate Cheesecake
Cherry Dream Number of Cheesecakes:
New York Style Number of Cheesecakes:
Triple Chocolate Number of Cheesecakes:
Mexican Food
Chocolate Cheesecake
Hot Cheddar Poppers Number of Poppers:
Mini Tacos Number of Mini Tacos:
Enchiladas Number of Enchiladas:
Breakfast Foods
Chocolate Cheesecake
Cinnamon Rolls Number of Cinnamon Rolls:
Egg, Bacon & Cheese Burrito Number of Burrito:
Gourmet Coffees Gourmet Coffee
Gourmet Blend - 8 ounce bag
Dark Sumatra
(Sumatra Oscura)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Carolyn's Blend
(Mezcla de Carolyn)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Columbian Supremo
(Columbian Suprema)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Flavored - 8 ounce bag
Vanilla Creme
(Creme de Vainilla)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Cookie Coffee
(Cafe de Galleta)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Hazelnut Creme
(Creme Avellana)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Decafinated - 8 ounce bag
Hazelnut Creme
(Creme Avellana)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Columbian Supremo
(Columbian Suprema)
Number of Coffee Bags:
Highly Scented CandlesHighly Scented Candles
Cinnamon Apple Pie
Number of Jars:
Clean Cotton
Number of Jars:
Georgia Peach Number of Jars:
Mulberry Number of Jars:
Orange Slice Number of Jars:
Rain Number of Jars:
Sugar Cookies Number of Jars:
Vanilla Number of Jars:
Apple Cinnamon Spice Number of Jars:
Jasmine Number of Jars:
Sea Shore Number of Jars:
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