Wade Wright, Vice President Marketing

Wade Wright manages all aspects of sales and marketing including market research, creation of advertising and collateral materials, direct mail, telemarketing, website, advertising, promotions, publicity, public relations and management of the in-house telephone sales and field sales force.

Wade has been influencing the future of Little Ol’ Cookie House for a long time. As a pre-teen and teenager, he served as “#1 taste tester” in the early days of product development and is locally famous for his “Oh, No, Mom! Not another cookie!” After graduating from college, Wade joined the company learning the basics of the business and working in both the sales and production areas of the business. After a stint at National Cooperative Refining Association (NCRA) and serving as Chief Operator of Koch Industries’ ISO Plant, he was recruited back to the Little Ol’ Cookie House as Vice President of Marketing. Committed to exceeding the needs and wants of customers, he continually challenges the rethinking of product features and benefits, packaging, order processing, customer service, communications, etc. A visionary strategist at heart (and endowed with great common sense), while managing today’s marketing efforts he is always exploring new products, markets, selling techniques and marketing opportunities to better serve present customers and attract new ones.

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