We ship Border to Border / Coast to Coast. 
We make our cookie dough.
Prepack per seller available.

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Simply the Finest Cookie Dough

We manufacture our own cookie dough using proprietary recipes refined over almost 20 years! We use only the finest ingredients so you canFreeze-Thaw-Refreeze our cookie dough repeatedly without losing its superb quality, taste, or texture. We don’t use any additives or preservatives. Superior ingredients and freshness guarantee flavor-packed, scrumptious cookies.

Freshly Roasted Coffees

Fresh roasted from premium select coffee beans. Guaranteed roasted and packaged ground when you order so you know it’s gourmet fresh!

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Highly Scented Candles

All of our candles are 12 ounces. They are Made from a Soy blend wax for a cleaner burn, excellent scent throw, 80 + hours burn time. The highest quality candle you can burn in a simple jar.

Little Ol’ Cookie House

Our Little Ol’ Cookie House has a fascinating story to tell the whole world. We manufacture one of the finest doughs in the vicinity and that is the reason the Little Ol’ Cookie House has maintained its name and fame since then.

We have set a standard of dough by using the finest ingredients available. These doughs are fresh and have a superb quality that doesn’t degrade even if you freeze the dough.

Being the pioneer of unique cookie composition, the Little Ol’ Cookie House is particular enough about the healthiness of the dough to strictly prohibit adding any sort of additives or preservatives in the recipe.

Not only do we specialize in making oven-fresh dough, but our specialty includes freshly roasted coffee beans and highly scented candles as well.

These products don’t make a match and that’s where the win lies. We maintain quality of brewed coffee beans compelling enough for you to feel energetic just after the first instance of tasting.

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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

By now, our Little Ol’ Cookie House Fundraisers have sold a huge array of sugar cookies that are sweet enough to fulfil your cravings. Also, the snickerdoodle is to die for! It’s a cinnamon cookie and you wouldn’t be able to resist taking the 2nd one in a row.

Our dough can have white chocolate macadamia which flaunts velvety white chocolate chips that just melt in your mouth. It also has peanut butter chocolate cookies that are soft yet gooey. Another category is oatmeal raisin which is oven-fresh goodness and is perfect to make your day.

The chocolate chip pecan, M&M, Health bar, Triple Chocolate, and simple chocolate chip cookie are also nothing less than a delight to turn your terrible day into a pleasant one.

At Little Ol’ Cookie House, either as a consumer or a cookie dough fundraiser, you can’t stop drooling over the oven’s fresh goodness and each of the categories is as fresh as it seems. We mainly focus on our dough and that is the reason our product comes out fresh and tasty.

We believe stale and soggy dough destroys the taste of the product, be it a cookie or a cake, so that’s our main focus.

Gourmet cookie dough fundraiser

As a Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser, you have a variety of cookies that easily gets your customers lured. No matter where you reside, the Little Ol’ Cookie House can reach you. The Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraisers can be shipped the freshly baked cookies from border to border and even from coast to coast.

We prepare the dough in such a way that it doesn’t become stale and soggy even if we have to send it miles away.

The best part of Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraising is that we don’t even use any additives or preservatives, yet the dough stays fresh and gooey for a long time. This makes your customers trust in you.

The cookies sold at the Little Ol’ Cookie House are an affordable option to satisfy your sweet cravings. We also serve the cookies in tubs when one has to order a dozen or more.

Our packaging is stunning that is why even if these cookies get transported, we retain their quality and freshness for a longer time.