Presort Program

Fundraising has never been easier!

What is a presorted order?

Your presorted order would arrive prepackaged for every seller. For example, Kyle sold 9 tubs of dough and 4 bags of coffee. We would pull each tub of cookie dough and the 4 bags of coffee. The order would be placed in boxes with a printed label on the outside of the box with his name, group (Class, Teacher, team, Coach), and how many boxes he needs to fill his order.
presort label 2
presort pallet

How does a presorted order arrive?

Your order would arrive on a pallet with the individual group names (Class, Teacher, Team, Coach) on the side of the boxes so you can locate your group quickly and easily. This helps speed up the distribution process.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the size of your order. We are having a special offer this year. We will presort your order for FREE. Minimums are required.