Incentive Program

Rewarding Your Sellers.

Wild About Prizes Incentive Program

Reward your group for their efforts!

  • We provide thes award brochure and prizes
  • Each Seller gets to pick the Award they want from the Level they earned
  • Incentive Programs create excitement and increase participation
  • They generate "incremental" sales and profits
  • They reward your Sellers for a job well done
  • They add FUN
  • They are a great way for you to say "Thank You" to your Sellers for the extra efforts they put forward
wild about prizes

**The Wild About Prizes Incentive Program only cost $.30 extra per item. Contact us for details.

Incentives are a Win-Win-Win for Everyone!

OrganizationWithout IncentivesWith IncentivesResults: $ IncreaseResults: %
Jefferson Elementary PTA $12,928 $19,437 $6,50933%
Roosevelt Elementary$7,837 $23,757 $15,92067%
Fairfield Elementary $1,747 $3,489 $1,74250%
Highland Plaza Preschool$3,171$8,180$5,00961%
Salina Comets$1,080$2,398$1,31855%
St. Dominic PSO$5865$15,552 $9,68762%
Kingman United Methodist$1,618$3,909 $2,291 59%
Southgate Childrens Academy$1,092$3,494 $2,40269%