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Helpful Fundrasing Information


These downloads are available to help make your fundraising task easier and save you time.

Call One Of Our Fundraising Consultants at 1-800-276-4770 or use our convenient online Contact Form.

Our friendly fundraising consultants will help you with great ideas and information to make your fundraiser the most profitable ever. They talk to thousands of different groups just like yours and can pass on helpful and profitable ideas to make this your most profitable fundraiser ever. They would be glad to send you a CUSTOMIZED PROFIT SCENARIO for your specific group size and location. Simply put, our Customer Service is second to none!!!

Place Your Fundraising Order

Use our convenient online order form to place your fundraising order for cookie dough tubs, highly scented candles and gourmet coffees. (Or click here to download the order form to order by mail, fax or phone.)


  • 1.

    Set Your Goals
  • 2.

    Set Your Dates (Start-Finish)
  • 3.

    Organize Your Team—Get Help And Delegate
  • 4.

    Hold A Campaign Kick-Off—Make It A Big Deal
  • 5.

    Promote and Publicize Your Campaign To Your Group and In Your Community
  • 6.

    Sell Sell Sell Sell.
  • 7.

    For Maximum Results—Provide An Incentive Program For Your Sellers
  • 8.

    Establish and Communicate a Time and Place For Cookie Dough Order Pick-Up
  • 9.

    Celebrate Your Success And Thank Everyone When Your Campaign Is Over
  • 10.

    Plan and Schedule Your Next Fundraiser—NOW.

Remember, You’re building a Welcome Fundraising Tradition in Your Community.

Little Ol’ Cookie House consulting

If you are one of those who do not know how to fundraise and how to make your fundraising a successful event, you can take assistance from our consultants that have their expertise in this regard. You can get in contact with them via the contact details we have shared on the website.

We are known to be quite friendly and can comprehensively guide you about each and everything that you need to know related to the Little Ol’ Cookie House.

Even if it gets tough for you to understand the process verbally, we can sketch a customised profit scenario for your ease. We can bet that you wouldn’t get disappointed choosing the Little Ol’ Cookie House.