Why Choose Little Ol’ Cookie House Gourmet Cookie Dough

Helpful Fundrasing Information


since day one we’ve been committed to making the finest cookie dough we know how, the “finest in the world” is our aim.


as we state it “Our Customers are Our Friends.” We attempt to live this commitment every hour of every day. It is our Company Mantra—it guides our way of making decisions and executing them.

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Benefits To Your Customers

  • They will enjoy delicious homemade cookies fresh-from-the-oven without the mess and hassle of mixing from scratch. Just scoop and bake.
  • They have 10 irresistible flavors of frozen cookie dough to choose from. Something for everyone.
  • They can repeatedly freeze and thaw our cookie dough without loss of quality, taste or texture.
  • It keeps 3 months in the refrigerator, 1 year in the freezer.
  • They have 6 great flavors of dry cookie mix to choose from.
  • Dry Cookie Mix can be stored easily for 1 year.
  • Taste great! Once the dry cookie mix is mixed up they can put it back in the tub and store it in their refrigerator for 3 months or in the freezer for 9 months!
  • We even offer a full line of 8 gourmet coffee flavors to compliment their cookie choice.
  • 8 Highly scented candle fragrances.
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Benefits To Your Organization

  • Given the generous profit margin, you can earn 40%, 50%, 55% and more.
  • The market for cookie dough is huge, the demand great—this means more sales, more profits.
  • Our cookie dough cannot be found in local stores, deli's, hotels—it is exclusively available to fundraisers.
  • We supply each of your Sellers with FREE full color, 4 page Order Forms—and in Spanish, too.
  • We provide a professional Pick-A-Prize Incentive Program to motivate and reward your Sellers for a job well done—a big additional profit generator for your organization.
  • You deal with a real live person on our staff who has your best interests at heart—to get started, to order your cookie dough, to get the award prizes if you participated in the incentive program, to set up all details of shipping and delivery, etc.
  • Our product stays fresh! You have 12 hours from the time of delivery to freezer.

Bottom-line, our family makes product and service promises to you, our customers and our friends. Then, with our dedicated staff, we work hard and smart to deliver those promises. Our goal: to keep you as customers and friends for years and years to come. This, we believe, is the most salient reason for you to choose Little Ol’ Cookie House.


Carolyn Wright

President & CEO


Brian Wright

Vice President Operations


Wade Wright

Vice President Marketing