Coffee Fundraising Products

It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Or Easier Than This!

Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffees

Fresh roasted from premium select coffee beans. Guaranteed roasted and packaged ground when you order so you know it’s gourmet fresh!

Hazelnut Creme

This is a classic. Hazelnut flavored. Medium roasted coffee.

Cookie Coffee

Cinnamon and sugar cookie flavor, blended with medium roasted El Salvadoran beans.

Vanilla Creme

Rich creamy vanilla flavor… perfect anytime.

Columbian Supremo

A hearty medium roast. Great morning eye opener.

Carolyn’s Blend

A popular blend of Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombian beans.

Dark Sumatra

Our darkest roast with an excellent aroma and rich taste.

Coffee Fundraiser

It’s right to say that the coffee fundraising the Little Ol’ Cookie House enjoys a selling uniqueness because of coffee composition which appeals to its customers. Our coffee is one of those ideas that are sold and bought easily.

More than 70% of Americans don’t consider it their morning if there’s no coffee. Our freshly roasted coffee beans are selected considering that they are the highest in their quality.

That’s when these beans are brewed, they give a flavourful delight to the consumer. Our scented candles and cookies have a peerless significance making lots of profits for our coffee fundraisers.

There are a variety of coffee beans that you can choose from as per your preference. Each one of them has a great essence and taste that hits your taste buds soon as you sip.

The packaging of these beans has another level of safety measures done so that you can place your order no matter where in the world you are. You can have your package delivered easily.

Coffee fundraising products

The different categories of coffee fundraising products available at the Little Ol’ Cookie House include hazelnut crème, cookie coffee, vanilla crème, Colombian supremo, Carolyn’s blend, and dark Sumatra.

Each one of them has a strong and unique flavour that’s just right for you to start your day off with. The hazelnut crème isn’t roasted a lot and has a classic hazelnut flavour.

Another one from coffee fundraising products is cookie coffee which has a touch of cinnamon and sugar cookie, and the beans aren’t roasted too much to retain their unique, raw essence.

Vanilla crème has a rich creamy flavour that can suit you anytime in the day. Colombian supremo can be the one you’d like to start your morning with.

Dark Sumatra and Carolyn blend are also popular among all these flavourful coffee beans. Each one of them has the best quality and you wouldn’t resist giving a try to all of them.

Freshly roasted gourmet coffees

There is a reason why no other coffee brand worked out for most people and that solely is because of the coffee beans used in it.

It’s really important to have freshly harvested coffee beans to add to your coffee because that’s when you’d feel the hit.

The freshly roasted gourmet coffee at the Little Ol’ Cookie House is made with gourmet beans and that is the reason it creates a delish coffee treat for its users.

The freshly roasted gourmet coffee when brewed in hot water/milk causing the magical scent and odour that arises, speaks all about the freshness and quality of beans compounded in it.

Every flavour is as unique as the names given to it. There is no doubt that every flavour has its unique taste. Some of them are used to make black and strong coffee whereas some are added to hot milk, just as per the preference of the consumer.