How do you clean a coffee maker?

Once the coffee is done brewing remove the filter and coffee grounds. The longer the coffee sits the more oil residue is left in your coffee maker, this makes it harder to clean up and adds unwanted flavors the next time you brew. When cleaning your coffee pot do not use dish soap, use a little baking soda and hot water. Use 2 teaspoons baking soda in the water reservoir then brew a pot with fresh cool water. Then rinse all the coffee maker parts thoroughly. Then brew a pot of water before making your next pot of coffee.

How long can the coffee be stored?

Coffee is a fresh product, so you should enjoy it as soon as possible. Between each brewing always store in an air tight container, in a cool, dry location. If you need to store for long periods of time, freezing will prolong the life of your coffee. Heat and oxygen shorten the tastefulness of coffee.

How to get the most flavors out of your cup of coffee:

  • Use fresh, high quality coffee.
  • Use bottled or filtered water.
  • Keep your coffee pot clean.
  • Use correct amount of coffee to water ratio. Adjust according to your taste. Spread coffee evenly in your filter.
  • Serve immediately after brewing. Coffee looses it flavor shortly after brewing, because of the heat. Heat speeds up the evaporation of the aromatic oils.