Just thought I would let you know that we really enjoyed selling the cookie dough-it was very simple-it sold itself. We had had another group selling it a few months before us. They got it out and the people in the community really liked it, so we had it easy! The kids were excited because of the tickets they earned per bucket. Your staff served us excellently. They were all very helpful and kind–a joy to work with. Your company is doing a great job! We would love to work with you again in the future. Thanks!


I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we don’t have any complaints or suggestions on the cookie dough fundraising. We all look forward to this fundraiser each year because it is always so well organized and all we have to do is sell the dough. We have repeat customers that buy from us each and every year which makes our job easier. You and your staff do an excellent job, and I was very happy with the customer service we received when dealing with this fundraiser. We do numerous fundraisers, and this one is by far my personal favorite. I am a very organized person and when things don’t go according to the plan, it gets very frustrating. I didn’t have a single complaint about this fundraiser. Thanks again, and we look forward to next years’ fundraiser!


First, you have a wonderful product. Members of our community call to make sure they get their orders in. It does not feel like one more time we are asking them to give money. They actually buy a product they want at a good price.

Second, you offer a good profit margin. Our group only has to have one fundraiser to make a good annual income.

Third, I have never had one problem. The order is always ready, there has never been a mistake in the order, there has never been one tub returned because of dissatisfaction.

That is a pretty amazing track record! I look forward to doing business with your organization for many years to come.


Carolyn-WOW! The Little Ol’ Cookie House never ceases to amaze me. Your company’s professional, yet ever so friendly staff make fundraising stress free! Cindy again has delivered exceptional service. Sharon put together an excellent package right at the same time we were going to contact you. I have done 5-6 different fundraisers and your cookie dough is the best. Not good, not better- THE BEST fundraiser from start to finish! Again, many thanks for a second year of successful fundraising for our group! All God’s Best.

Shelly Robertson

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the way you run your business. You all were very friendly, and very helpful. All of my families had a fun time with your fundraiser. We’ll be doing another one in the future. Thanks again.

Cheryl Coleman

We have sold the cookie dough for two years now and it has been one of our most successful items to sell. Everyone does love cookie dough and I have found your company to provide a super product as well as easy to work with service. I think you definitely have found the winning combination!


I purchased some of your cookie dough from a group of junior high school cheerleaders. Would like to let you know that it was the best cookie dough I have ever purchased from a group. Some that I have purchased was so oily or they didn’t bake well. I have told the sponsor that they were really delicious and sell them again if they needed another fund raiser. Thank you.

Donna Shivers

Many of our parents have never been involved with a PTO or a fundraiser. The parents looked at many different fundraisers, before they decided on yours. They liked the look of the order form and also the fact that it was in Spanish helped a lot. We were very pleased with the outcome of our first fundraiser. We will be able to underwrite one scholarship next year with our profit. Your order forms were wonderful and made the job of selling very easy. We were very pleased by the fast delivery of the product and the students loved the prize program.

Virginia Niehage

Once again I felt we were very well served by your company. I always look forward to working with you and your group! Thanks!

Andrea Sayler-Siefkes

Carolyn, I would like to let you know that we were very pleased with your service. The delivery person was exceptionally helpful and very nice. Everyone I talked with on the phone was courteous and pleasant. There were no mistakes in the delivery or the calculations. Thank you so much for making this an “easy” fund-raiser for us! We are planning to do this again next year.