Cookie Dough for Band Fundraising

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Getting to play music in school is an experience you’ll take with you for a long time. Music becomes a life long passion for some and even if you don’t get to play professionally it’s always a great pastime. Playing in school is a great way to improve with your instrument as well as a social tool.

School bands are always under funded. If the school board is making cuts it’s usually the first on the chopping block. Fundraising is more important to schools helping them provide instruments, uniforms and traveling. Your school probably holds fundraisers to help with these costs and we’ve come up with some ideas for you teachers and parents for new ideas for this year’s band fundraising campaign.

Why Cookie Dough Fundraisers Have Stood the Test of Time

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Cookies have a special place in the hearts of many. They’re often a young tot’s first introduction to the wonderful world of sweets, they’re a staple at every holiday gathering, and there’s even a famous monster who personified our collective love for the stuff. Its uncooked counterpart, cookie dough, has made a big splash in the fundraising world in the last few years, even edging out the ubiquitous candy bar as the most popular and successful fundraiser item. Its runaway success has us wondering: what is it about cookie dough?

Cookies have always been synonymous with wholesome family time. So many memories are contained in those sweet circles of gooey goodness, that the mere aroma of a fresh baked batch can evoke nostalgic feelings of childhood bliss. But what is it that makes cookies so special?

Making memories to last a lifetime

More than any other food, cookies have a magic ability to bring families together. From learning from your older sibling how to properly dunk your cookies in milk, to helping cut out and decorate holiday sugar cookies, to finally being trusted with Grandma’s famous secret recipe, there’s something about baking cookies that says “home”.

If you want to make lasting memories for your family, it’s advised to start in the kitchen. It is well known that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory, more so than any of the other senses. This makes fresh-baked cookies the perfect add-on to family games or movie night. Plus, by baking cookies as a family, you’re not only sharing a special moment together, you’re leaving an indelible mark in your children’s memories, ensuring that any ensuing whiff of oven-fresh goodies will lead their thoughts back to this special time with you.

Baking cookies together is a great teaching opportunity as well. Not only are you passing down recipes and know-how, you’re also giving a lesson in math and chemistry, as well as in patience and cooperation. And don’t forget family history: perhaps your mixing bowl is a family heirloom, passed down through generations; or maybe you have fond memories of baking with your own parents as a child. Teaching children to bake cookies is an easy way to positively shape young minds – with a sweet reward at the end.